About Caplet India

An ISO 9001:2008 & CGMP Certified Company

Inception of Caplet was an amalgamation of a dream and a fixed belief. A cluster of visionaries had seen the dream and had the fixed belief too. The dream came in reality when Caplet took her first breath in the year of 1991. It was an auspicious day, from which Caplet commenced her flight.

Seventeen years had passed away, Caplet, the little nestling has now become full-grown bird and taking her flight to high to higher to highest. Caplet has stretched her wings completely and giving shelter a lot of people under her wings.

Caplet already overcame all teething troubles because from the beginning Caplet thought about only 3Ms, they are:

Therefore, Caplet offers – “Better medicine for many more

During her journey Caplet has achieved accolades like - ISO-9001 Certification, GMP Certification & SCHEDULE-M Certification.

Ultimately, the day had come, on which Caplet got GENEVA GOLD STANDARD AWARD for her quality of medicines, dated 30th October 2006. So, we can announce boldly our Caplet is a role model of –
Care, Attitude, Performance, Leadership, Enthusiasm & Teamwork.